What is Travel Green NJ?

As the Garden State we have a rich heritage in environmental stewardship. This website is a resource for members of the hospitality industry to find information about ways to increase their environmental performance and decrease their operating costs. As more and more travelers hope to make their life greener, we hope you’ll appreciate and support the tourism businesses that are reducing their environmental impact and working hard to make us a greener state!

In the state of New Jersey, green tourism us to promote our state’s triple bottom line benefits associated with:

People – enhance the lives of constituents in the state with clean air, water and improved work environments associated with Green buildings with improved air, efficiencies and products.

Planet – conserve the state’s natural resources and reduce waste. Protect the sustainability of travel and tourism to the state associated with natural assets such as beaches, lakes and mountains.

Profits – promote the state’s unique assets and operational savings from sustainable practices as well as increased jobs and business associated with green tourism