Green Buildings can have lower operating costs. The New Jersey green certification program benefits the environment and also enables facilities to save money and increase occupancy rates by reducing operating costs from the reduction of water, energy and waste. We offer information, tools and advise how to reduce your operating costs.

Green Buildings could reap public relations, marketing and community benefits. Lodging can receive public recognition and marketing benefits as an environmental leader. Online portals such as Travelocity, Orbitz and AAA list lodging sites with certain state green certification programs on their sites. This enables sites to receive additional marketing and public relation exposure.

Going green makes sense if you are looking at the short-term benefits, such as improving guest satisfaction, applying for rebates, and complying with state and local government targets, just to name a few. However, going green also makes sense for the long-term benefits that come from improving your company’s market positioning, reducing the use of our natural resources, reducing your carbon footprint, and seeing a return on investment by implementing green programs and policies.

The following are some of the ongoing benefits from going green in hotels:

  • Lower Operating Cost: Green certified buildings can reduce operating expenses by saving an average of 30% energy use and 30 to 50% water use.
  • Guest Satisfaction: Per a 2012 Trip Advisor study, 71% of U.S travelers said they plan to make more ecofriendly choices and 50% are willing to pay more. In 2010, 65% of Travelocity customers said green ratings influence their selection when prices are the same.
  • Green Legislation: Over 1,100 cities and 24 states have carbon reduction goals that impact business, including hotels.
  • New Green Revenues: Per the 2010 GBTA Travel Executive update, 30% of Corporate Travel Managers said they include green initiatives in their policies and RFP requests and over 51% of meeting planners will hold meetings only in green venues.
  • Green certified properties can be listed on the Green sections of third party sites such as Travelocity, Orbitz, and Expedia, as well as earn an “Eco’ designation from AAA. (Source: AH&LA)

Green Buildings can also quality for city, state, utility and federal incentives and tax breaks.

Sites such as list the benefits to help you go green in the state of New Jersey.