Did you know…

  • The US lodging industry uses around 70 billion kWh of electricity and 210 billion cubic feet of natural gas per year
  • In 2003, lodging industry energy consumption accounted for more than 130 billion lbs. of CO2 in the atmosphere, equivalent to 11.5 million cars driving on US roads for a year
  • A 1o% reduction of energy consumption across the industry would be the equivalent of taking one million cars off the road

Enhanced energy performance leads to reduced operating expenses and…

  • Better equipment operation and extended useful life
  • Potential labor cost savings
  • Enhanced guest comfort and satisfaction
  • Enhanced image from increased climate stewardship

Why EPA?

Unbiased. EPA is a trusted, unbiased source of research and technical analysis.
Best Practices. EPA coordinates with the commercial sector supply chain for identification of best practices
Recognized Brand. An influential label recognized by 70% of Americans

Partner organizations receive free…

  • Technical assistance
  • Tools and resources
  • Communications support
  • Networking opportunities
  • Awards and recognition

Benchmarking through ENERGY STAR allows you to:

  • Track cost, energy and emissions savings
  • Compare one building against a national sample of similar buildings
  • Compare all of your buildings of a similar buildings
  • Set priorities and better plan for investments in upgrade efforts and retrofits

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