NJDEP Sustainability

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Air Quality, Energy and Sustainability Program

Environmental stewardship and economic growth are not mutually exclusive goals. Rather, a strong economy is built upon a healthy environment. The DEP has a team to assist in creating pathways to support economic growth, encourage the use of energy efficient processes and build New Jersey’s green energy industry.

The Air Quality, Energy and Sustainability Program at the DEP works with all stakeholders – environmental groups, business and industry, local governments, and residents – to explore and create opportunities for economic growth while maintaining our highest standards of protection for the environment. A strategic area of focus in growing our state’s economy is in the area of renewable energy. AQES serves as the lead team in the state to tap into the full potential of renewable energy by coordinating efforts with other state agencies and working to help businesses develop more opportunities for wind and solar power.

AQES is the Administration’s voice for sustainability- the practical approach of balancing environmental stewardship, economic growth and social equity – in order to build New Jersey’s economy in a responsible and sustaining manner.

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