Chapter Mission

To be NJ’s foremost leader promoting, advocating, and providing education for the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of high performance buildings and communities that are environmentally responsible, cost effective, productive, and healthy places to live, learn and work.

USGBC NJ Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee under the USGBC of New Jersey will educate hotels, casinos, convention centers and related facilities about best practices to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits. The main area of focus will be to facilitate carbon reduction goals and green job growth throughout the state.

We are seeking members to participate in the coalition to help the group develop a New Jersey Green Hospitality Program for the state as outlined on this website. As you may know, the USGBC of NJ mission is to promote, advocate, provide education and help in planning, designing and developing environmentally responsible buildings that are not only healthy to live in but also cost effective.

Per the USGBC here is the business case for green buildings:

Green Buildings can have lower operating costs. They typically cost less to operate and maintain. There are also some tax benefits and incentives available for green buildings.

Green Buildings provide immediate and measurable results. Benchmarking energy and water use is a critical tactic and can save thousands of dollars and energy year over year.

Green buildings could reap public relations, marketing and community benefits. Green buildings with key certification can be listed as such on Travelocity, AAA and other search engines and internet sites.

Green buildings can mean happier employees and occupants. Improved air quality, and use of green cleaning products can result in improvin the productivity of the employees as well as help with recruitment and retention.

Green buildings can be a competitive advantage. Green buildings with lower operating costs and better indoor quality may be more attractive to corporate customers, and buyers.

The hospitality industry and its key stakeholders such as owners and operators of hotels, motels, convention centers, casinos and related facilities could benefit from the development of green guidelines and a certification program.

The goal of the coalition is to form a partnership and group that will help develop a platform of programs to develop, test, market and educate the hospitality industry about green programs and metrics. Key areas of focus will be to facilitate the greening of buildings, reduce environmental footprint and help to drive green job growth

If you would like to participate in this committee or have any questions, please contact the Committee Chair Faith Taylor, via email.

Committee Members:

  • Executive Director of USGBC NJ, Florence Block, LEED GA
  • Board Member, Wayne DeFeo, LEED AP
  • Board Member, Faith Taylor, VP Sustainability and Innovation Wyndham Worldwide

Learn more at USGBCNJ or at LEED.

You can also find USGBC NJ online at: LinkedIn USGBC – New Jersey Chapter; Facebook USGBCNJ; and Twitter @USGBCNJ.